TV News Caught In Donald Trump Vs Ted Cruz National Enquirer Crossfire

“I have to say, I’m trying to sort of figure out how to cover this,” All In anchor Chris Hayes said as he moderated a chat with MSNBC’s national correspondent Joy Reid and the Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff. He noted that several outlets, including Breitbart News, had opted not to run with the National Enquirer story because it was so “thinly sourced.” Woodruff said her site “thought about writing this story several months ago, but we didn’t want to broadcast baseless rumors had no connection to reality by saying, ‘Hey, these stories are going around.’” 
But, “when the story broke and when it really blew up on Twitter today, we thought, ‘All right, let’s pull the trigger’,” she explained. The Daily Beast’s take was that it was Marco Rubio backers who had been shopping the story to media outlets for six months, with no takers.

The article in the National Enquirer, a publication whose CEO David Pecker reportedly has longstanding ties to Trump, did not name the women about whom it said political operatives linked to the infidelity rumors. It did describe them, though, including one as a “hot babe who once worked” on a Cruz campaigns. It also illustrated its story with pixilated photos of each, leading to a sort of Name That Alleged Face parlor game among reporters. Only one person is quoted by name in the piece, Roger Stone, who formerly worked on Trump’s campaign.


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